GUZUNDSTRAUS is a young avant-garde brand founded in 2012. We love deconstruction cut, artsy prints, perfect fit and impeccable workmanship. Utilising the best traditions of fashion craftsmanship, we constantly question all the conventional practices, as prescribed by our artistic background.

GUZUNDSTRAUS aesthetics takes influence and inspiration from contemporary art and urban philosophy. Our best-loved concepts are: reversible clothing; sculptural shapes; fabric prints developed out of own artworks.

Are you a lover of unique pieces and an appreciator of bespoke quality? We’ve got something for you.


Every item begins with a conceptual sketch. By drafting a raw silhouette and shape, proportions and shades, the overall mood is captured. Rough sketches are then developed into more detailed design ideas; at this stage, we have a scope of fabrics and shaping media to use.

Since the design is finalised with a mockup and all trims are selected,  tech specs are created and passed to the pattern cutter. To ensure the original deconstruction idea still features perfect fit and ergonomics, we utilise best European pattern-cutting techniques supported by innovative modelling practices. Finally, the first prototype is tailored. Our most exciting design processes are related to reversible pieces, as they should fit perfect in all variations.


Utilising best traditions in tailoring, we are nevertheless continuously questioning every traditional modus operandi. Can we improve it? Can we reverse it? Will that let us develop bolder concepts? This approach is actually the why and the because of GUZUNDSTRAUS. Welcome to the deconstruction side, and be iconic!