The paperbag dilema!

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I love a new fashion trend.....I usually home in on a particular style and literallly everything else available blurs into insignificance..

So whats my latest fashion crush?

The paperbag waist.

'Great, you say ,go knock yourself out, you own a boutique.. you have a great choice for every occassion!'

Eh... here in lies the problem... so much do i love them that i just cant see another trouser anywhere that fits the bill.. do they look gorgeous in the photos? absolutely.. do they look fab on the girls that have bought them from me? wow, yes!

Team up with a body suit youll look fab! 

Do I?


I am one of the lucky soles who was blessed with an apple shape figure, and a love of food and wine.. thin legs and arms and a torso that resebles a beach ball!


I initially found that the trousers teamed up with a body suit that was supposed to show off curves, curved me in the wrong direction! made my stomach look huge the ties and the frill top made me look even wider!

HOWEVER all is not lost!!!!

after a lot of experimentation i discovered a way to wear all my paperbag products to create a thinner waist illusion! 

(1) Team up your paperbag trousers/skirt with a skinny top and a long line or waterfall jacket left open.. the paperbag waist is still visable but the jacket gives the illusion of a much thinner middle!

(2) Use a loose top and using the same idea as the jacket, tuck in a small portion of the top at the front, your top will create the illusion of a thinner waist.

(3) (this was my outfit last night out for dinner with friends)- team paperbag pinstripe trousers with a frill hem top, i chose black (available in black/white/pink/blue) - this top is raised at the sides but longer at the front and back, covering most of the paperbag front but shows the illusion of a thinner waist from the side.

I teamed this up with my black winter fur coat and my leopard stripe trainers for a casual look and felt great!

So for all you beautiful apples out there.. the paperbag is most definately a look you can rock this Spring and Summer!

 LB x

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